Labha7 Casino Blackjack Strategy: When to Hit or Stand?

One of the most common questions that every player asks himself when playing a game of chance is whether there is a strategy that will ensure a secure win. Unlike roulette, which is a game entirely based on luck, blackjack is a game in which the player can significantly influence the game’s outcome. Hence the blackjack strategy does exist.

Right at the beginning, the Labha7 casino has an advantage over the player. However, with the help of blackjack strategies, this advantage can be significantly reduced. We will show you when to hit in blackjack, and this guide can help you improve your winning odds by reducing the house edge.

When to Hit or Stand in Blackjack

Almost every strategy in this game is the dealer’s card facing up. If it has a good hand (7, 8, 9, 10, 11), the player should draw until it reaches 17 or more. If the dealer has a bad card (4, 5, 6), the player should stop as soon as he gets the value of 12 or more. In that case, any chances of the player crossing 21 points with a new card are stopped.

Blackjack: When to Hit

The first rule regarding a hit is not to make this move if the sum of your cards is from 5 to 8, regardless of the dealer. When a dealer shows 4, 5, and 6, keep in mind that the chances of his hand passing 21 are higher.

This tip is one of the most mentioned ones as a piece of professional advice. A team of experts from the minimum deposit, Labha7 casino reviews platform underline the importance of understanding when to hit. They claim that this can save money and lower the house edge. The reputable platform also lists trustworthy online casinos where the players can enjoy some blackjack and other games.

Quick Tips

If the dealer has a 10-point card and you claim 16, your best option is to give up. If there is no possibility of giving up, the second-best option is a hit. You will lose less with it than if you choose to stand. The only situation where the opposite is true is when 16 consists of two 8.

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Blackjack: When to Stand

According to the basic single deck blackjack strategy, when the sum of the cards is from 12 to 16, the right decision is to stand, provided the dealer has 4, 5, or 6. Also, use this move when you have a high hand of 17 or more, while a hit is a suitable choice for a soft 17 or less.


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