Labha7 Login Casino: Your Guide to NFL Football Betting

There’s nothing quite like NFL football betting. While everyone has their favorite sports to gamble on, the NFL is still our most popular league for betting. In fact, for some people, a bet on Super Bowl LVI will be the only bet they place on sports all year!

The hardcore gamblers probably don’t need this guide, but if you want to learn the fundamentals and terminology around NFL betting at Labha7 Login casino, this article is for you. Here we’ll cover the basics of spreads, moneylines, totals, proposition (or “prop” bets), parlays, teasers, and futures.

It might all seem confusing now, but by the end of this post, you’ll see that it’s not really that complicated after all. And remember: If NFL players can learn the Belichick’s convoluted offensive playbook in time for the season to start, you can definitely pick up NFL betting vocab.

How to Bet on the Spread?

The simplest kind of bet is a straightforward bet on which team will win. But what if it’s too easy to pick a winner because a team is such a strong favorite? If the Super Bowl-bound 2020 Chiefs were going to play the 2-14 Jets, would you have trouble picking a team to bet on?

A spread makes it interesting. What if you could bet on whether the Chiefs would win by more than 11 points? Now the bet is a little harder to call. The Chiefs will probably win, but will they cover that spread?

That’s what spread betting is all about.

How to Bet on NFL Parlays?

This is a fancy betting word that will make you feel more knowledgeable just by saying it. It’s really simple to understand, though. An NFL parlay is a combination bet that brings together a bunch of wagers and only pays off if you get each one right. For example, during division weekend, you might have been able to parlay both games. If you had picked the Chiefs and Bucs to each win their games in a parlay, you might have gotten paid handsomely.

That’s the main benefit of a parlay: big winnings multipliers. You’re taking on more risk due to the fact that each bet has to be correct for you to receive a payout, so Labha7 makes sure that your payout is worth it.

Parlays can be quite large. Sometimes there are 12-event parlays with huge profits for anyone whose crystal ball is clear enough to predict that many bets correctly.

Of course, if one is wrong, the whole parlay fails, so it can be pretty stressful if you make a huge parlay that Frankensteins together a bunch of games.

As you add wagers to your betting slip, you can click the “Multiples” and “Singles” buttons to choose between betting each event individually and betting them as a parlay. The parlay winning line will show you what your potential winnings increase to, if you choose to bet that way.

Not every bet on Super Bowl LVI can be combined, though, so please note that the Multiples option is often greyed in that case.


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