The affiliate program of OkBet

OkBet is a well-known online casino and sportsbook that caters to gamers from all over the world by providing a diverse selection of gambling opportunities and gaming possibilities. OkBet has launched an affiliate program that enables website owners and other online influencers to earn money by referring new players to the company’s services. This is part of OkBet’s strategy to increase the number of users of its platform. The OkBet affiliate program and its operation will be dissected in further detail in the following section of this article.

What exactly is involved in an Affiliate Program?

The promotion of a company’s goods or services through the use of an affiliate program is one form of marketing approach that companies employ. When it comes to online casinos and sportsbooks, an affiliate program gives website owners and social media influencers the opportunity to advertise the services offered by the casino on their own websites or through their own social media channels. When a player uses the affiliate’s link to visit the casino’s website and creates an account there, the affiliate is entitled to a commission on the player’s wagering activity at the casino.

How the Affiliate Program at OkBet Functions

NetRefer, a global leader in the provision of software for affiliate marketing, is in charge of managing OkBet’s affiliate program. Signing up and creating an account on the OkBet affiliate website is the first step in becoming an affiliate for any parties that are interested. Affiliates will, once their application has been reviewed and approved, receive a one-of-a-kind tracking link that they can use to promote OkBet’s services on their website or throughout their various social media channels.

If a player uses the affiliate’s link to visit OkBet and creates an account there, the affiliate will receive a commission based on the player’s activity. The commission structure can differ depending on the type of activity and the number of referrals that are made, but it will often involve a percentage of the player’s deposits or losses. Through the use of the NetRefer platform, affiliates are able to keep track of their earnings as well as their activity and receive payments on a consistent basis.

Advantages of Participating in OkBet’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate website owners and online influencers who are interested in promoting an online casino or sportsbook can take advantage of a number of incentives provided by OkBet’s affiliate program.


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